Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Photos of the Day

My friend Lindsay has starting taking a picture each day to show snapshots of her day. She calls it 'A Photo a Day, Snapshots of My Life'. I really like the idea, so I decided to steal the idea and give her credit! I am going to try and post a picture everyday, but it may end up just being a few times a week. We'll see... I couldn't just take one picture today, Melanie is just too dang cute. So here are my photos of the day.

Will the snow ever end? I did shovel the driveway today... oh well!

Melanie watching the snow fall.

Melanie has tons of toys but she would rather play with an empty juice container.

Melanie can make a mess of a room in minutes!


  1. Yeah! A new blog to follow! I will enjoy reading :) Also, sometimes I wonder why we even invest in toys - jackson always prefers tupperware, spoons and pots & pans! :)

  2. I enjoyed your snow photo! Gianna and I have gone swimming everyday for the last 3 or 4 days! You can think of us enjoying the pool while you are shoveling snow...LOL I just hope it will all be gone before we arrive! We are looking forward to seeing you girls and having our fun date at the Children't Museum!

  3. Awesome! Love to see new photos of Melanie. :)