Monday, February 22, 2010

Well a lot has happened the past few days. Melanie and I said bye bye to Daddy Saturday morning. He is in Hershey for a Technology Conference for school. He'll be back Wednesday night. Melanie has asked from him several times, so she is certainly missing her Daddy.

On Saturday, Melanie and I went to visit my friends, Chad and Mary Ann and went Baby Andrew, who turned a month old on Saturday! Melanie is in this stage where she is super shy around people she doesn't know. This was the first time she met Chad and Mary Ann so she clung to my leg for like 15 minutes. But after that she was fine and she really liked giving Andrew kisses. It was too cute! Mary Ann took some pictures, so I'll be those posted when I get those from her. It is so hard to remember when Melanie was only a month old and so tiny. Time certainly does go by so fast!

On Sunday, I had to work so Melanie went to Nanny and Papa's and then they brought her home and got her to bed for me since I didn't get home from work until 9:30pm. We have a surprise Bridal Shower for Jessica, a core team member, who is getting married on March 6. She was totally surprised and had no idea, so that was awesome! :) I must say the cake from Costco was AMAZING! It was white cake, filled with strawberry with buttercream icing. It was a half a sheet that feeds 48 people for only $16.99! You can't beat that! The only bad thing is that is the only size their cakes come in. So it doesn't work for a smaller party, unless you send cake with all the guests. And for $16.99 that isn't a bad idea!

This morning, Melanie and I went to the Carnegie Science Center with Aunt Heather and Alli. We have a membership to the Carnegie Museums and Science Center so we want to get our money's worth! The girls had a lot of fun playing in the Exploration Station Junior. We got there right at 10am when it open, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. So that was awesome. The girls loved playing in the water area and of course Melanie got all wet, even though she was wearing smock. Oh well, I bought a change of clothes, and Aunt Heather had another pair of socks, so we were set. :) Heather and I both forgot our digital camera, so no pictures from the Science Center unfortunately.

So how about that Hockey Game last night??!?!?! It was so awesome that USA beat Canada! It was weird rooting against Sidney Crosby though. The USA is still on top of the Medal count with 24 medals. There has been some pretty spectacular performances that's for sure! Shaun White was amazing on the Snowboard Half Pipe. He blew the competition out of the water. Lindsay Vonn has two medals, while still recovering from her injury. The US Men and Women's Curling Teams have been rather disappointing though. But than again, it's not like curling is very popular in our country. I love the Olympics.

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