Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Start of My Blog & My Hatred for Snow

Well I decided to jump on the bandwagon and start a blog. I really enjoy reading other people's blogs and who knows maybe someone will enjoy reading mine. :) I've entitled it "It's All Good" because that is one of my favorite sayings and describes my positive outlook of life.

So I really really really hate snow right now. Normally I love winter and snow. But normally we don't have 3 feet of snow and counting at one time! I shoveled 4 inches of snow off the driveway today and that was not fun. The piles of snow on the side of the driveway are 4-5 feet tall, so you have to throw the snow up over that or it just rolls back on to the driveway. Enough is enough already. I am definately giving up snow for Lent! Now if only Mother Nature will cooperate that would be great. :) On a positive note, all the snow shoveling I've been doing is good exercise. I have been slacking on the exercise department lately, so that makes up for it a little.

Okay enough complaining for one day, no one is listening anyways! As I sit here and type this, Melanie decided to take out all the contains of her diaper bag (that I foolishly left on the floor) and spread them all over the living room. Oh well, she's having fun and is happy, so that's what matters. It is amazing how one little girl can make such a mess of a room in a matter of minutes. Now if only she would start picking up after herself... I'll have to starting working on that. :) Melanie is walking more, but she still does the knee walk. She still finds that easier than walking I think.

Brian is leaving for Hershey on Saturday to go to a technology conference with another teacher from school. (I'm glad he won't be driving out ther by himself.) He'll be gone until next Wednesday night. So Melanie and I will be on our own. Lots of Mommy and Melanie time.

Well I've rambled enough for one day. Snow, snow go away and don't come again another day! :)

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